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 The Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges gets 175,000 overnight interstate visitors each year, this does not include interstate day trippers coming out from Melbourne.

And, of those interstate visitors, 44% of those main reason for coming out is to eat at restaurants with 10% coming out specifically to visit wineries.

Many coming by plane and with the current flight restrictions, it is no longer possible to take wine on board a plane, so when you visit a winery in the Yarra Valley and find a lovely wine, what do you do?

Do you buy 12 from the same winery and hope they can ship for you, or do you buy one for your stay and drink it before you leave, but what happens if you want to visit a few wines and want to buy a couple of bottles from each? Well you certainly can’t drink them all before you leave.

This is the dilemma often faced by interstate visitors and we think we may have the solution.


The 12.


We are looking to get 12 wineries to sign up to the 12*


How it works

Visitors to visit the Yarra Valley have the opportunity to purchase as much wine as they want from the participating wineries up to multiples of 12 and then the wine is packaged and delivered to them in their state.


How much will it cost?

Each winery will share in the post and packaging cost according to the number of bottles bought at each winery, i.e. if a visitor buys 3 bottles of wine from your winery, you will pay 3/12 (1/4) of the cost of sending the case to them.


What to be part of the 12?

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Want to get on board?

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M: +61 (o)481 85 45 16



* Only available to Cuspidor customers.