Tasting pages list the wines/beers you currently have on tasting. They provide some information about the wine/beer , usually how it is made rather than your tasting notes, allowing the cellar door visitor free to make their own tasting notes according to how they feel about the wine/beer.

The most important part is how they rate the wine/beer, the choices are:

  • exceptional
  • loved it
  • liked it
  • not to my taste

From a wineries/breweries perspective, we are only interested in the people who rated it in the top 2 categories, these customers can then be targeted effectively according to their own preferences.

Tasting pages can be organised into one , two or as many pages as you like. we try and keep the page to a maximum of around 10 wines/beers as we don’t want the pages to get too long and become overwhelming for the visitor. You could for instance have whites on one page and reds on other, it’s entirely up to you.