Our cellar door experience is all about engagement.

The relationship the cellar door staff have with the visitor is vital in making it a great experience, but don’t make it at the expense of your main goal.There are a number of elements to this and a number of questions that arise;

Frequent comments ;

“we had a really good chat with the cellar door person”
-the wines were secondary to our conversation-

“I was overwhelmed by information”
-I  cant remember anything about the wines, i know a lot about the soil-

“i feel like we became mates with the cellar door person”
– i’m sure i loved all the wines, what did they have again?

“i could have stayed there all day”
-which winery was it that we loved?-

“it was too busy and too rushed”
-not going back there again-

Managing a cellar door is a difficult thing , you have to predict what attendance you are going to have on any particular day and staff accordingly.

You have to be able to read customers and know what they want.

You have to be able to tailor your service to their needs.

You have to build rapport, give them attention, engage them, not get bored by repeating the same thing over and over again  and most importantly sell wine, which can be difficult to customers who cant remember what they liked.

Cuspidor is a new platform that can assist in enhancing the customer experience, it allows customers to rate the wines and still be engaged with the cellar door staff and it allows the winery the opportunity to build the relationship past the visit to the cellar door.

For a demonstration and to see what it can do for you, please contact us

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