one less thing

As a Business Owner, you never have enough time, enough time to get to emails, to review current systems, to monitor customer satisfaction or to spend enough time with your family and friends.

The focus is often getting through the things that have to be done that day.

There is often no time to look ahead or to investigate how your customers view you, sometimes until its too late.

would you like to know if your customers are your Crusaders or Saboteurs?

Are your customers singing your praises or warning others not to go there?

Cuspidor Café CI can tell you and all you have to do is  encourage customers to go to your feedback page and rate their experience.

The 3 to 5 quick response questions are designed to illicit genuine responses from your customers about their experience.

The Consumer Satisfaction Index (CSI) informs you whether your customers are ‘singing your praises’ or ‘shouting out warnings’!


Cuspidor Café CI is inexpensive, quick to set up and provides you with a simple to read monthly report.


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