how it works

Cuspidor™ allows cellar door visitors to make their own tasting notes on their phone or on your ipad/tablet at the cellar door.

There is no need to download an app , its just a simple web page address. e.g.

They type the address into their phone or tablet and away they go !

Your wines on tasting are already available for them to make their own tasting notes.

In addition, to making their own tasting notes, the cellar door visitor also rates the wines they have tasted according to the following choices;

  • exceptional
  • loved it
  • liked it
  • not to my taste


It also prompts the cellar door visitor to chose their favourite on the day


These ratings and favourite are automatically recorded in the database for later use.

The database also records;

  • name ( first and last)
  • age
  • gender
  • email address
  • postcode or country

All of this information is automatically recorded into the database for later use.

Its as simple as that!

Try it