Cuspidor Taste™ is an online tasting platform that allows people at the cellar door to make their own tasting notes, it records their preferences,  favourite of the day and all of this information is then emailed to them to view later.

Cuspidor Taste™ has the wines or beers on tasting already listed with information about how the wine/beer was made.


All you need to do is tell them the webpage address.


It’s simple there is no need to download an app.


Provide them with the web page address e.g.




and away they go.


Establishment is easy and straight forward. There are 2 parts to it, the establishment of a database to capture the information and the set up of a tasting page.

The establishment/set up process includes;

  • Up to 10 wines per page
  • Your own tasting notes or info on how it was made
  • Rating choices – “exceptional”, “loved it”, “liked it”, “not to my taste”
  • Customer preference choice – their favourite
  • Country – if not Australia
  • City – if not Australia
  • Postcode – Australia only
  • Age groups – (18-24) (25-34)(35-49)(50-64)(65+)
  • Gender – male, female, non-binary
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address


Frequently asked questions.

Do we need to Host the pages?

No, you don’t need to do anything we host the database and tasting page.

Do we have to set up or manage the Database?

No, we set up and manage the database completely.

Do we need IT support?

No, You do not need to worry about IT support or dealing with any technical issues, as we manage it all for you.

Will it affect my internet usage?

No, Since the tasting page and database is hosted remotely, it will not affect your NBN broadband data usage.

What do we need to do?

You need to sign the agreement and provide us with your wines/beers on tasting , along with some information about them , that along with a logo and we are ready to go.

How much does it cost?

There are 2 parts, an establishment/set up fee and a monthly charge . These fees are calculated based upon number of visitors and number of wines/beers.

Can i change the wines/beers on tasting?

Yes, you can change them as often as you like, each package allows for a certain number of changes per year but if you exceed the number of changes per package, a small additional fee will be charged.


Cellar door visitors make their own notes about the wine/beer, and rate the wines/beers tasted, they can even pick their favourite of the day.


Their personal  tasting notes are not recorded and are completely private and so they can feel assured that their personal tasting notes are known to them and only them. Cuspidor makes no record or keeps any record of their personal tasting notes.

Customers privacy is paramount to Cuspidor and its partners, all our terms and conditions (T&C’s) and our privacy statement are available on this site. It is very important to build trust with customers and therefore we do not share any information with any others parties outside the iwineHQ group.