Customer Satisfaction index (CSI)™

Cuspidor CSI allows customers to provide customer feedback in a simple, easy, quick and informal way.


Why do i need it?

Customers vote with their feet. 

If they have a poor experience or feel the quality was not up to their expectations, they simply just don’t come back and even worse they typically tell 9 other people about their bad experience.

You may never be aware that anything was wrong, if you had been , you could have addressed and resolved the issue and saved the customer experience.

Well we can change that, we are proud to introduce Cuspidor CSI

What is it ?

Cuspidor CSI™ provides a mechanism for customers to provide customer feedback in a simple easy informal way.

It is an online feedback and data collection mechanism which captures customer feedback.


How does it work?

Customers are directed to a URL ( web address) e.g. cuspidor.net/yourwinery

Upon arrival, customers find a small number of questions usually 3 plus the CSI index question. They simply select their preference from the pull down menu , select gender, age and postcode and hit submit.

Their information is automatically stored.


Do i need to deal with databases and the like?

No, we do all that for you, you don’t receive emails every time a customer completes the survey. you don’t need to set anything up or extract any data, we do it all for you.


What areas does the customer evaluation cover?

We tend to focus on gaining customer feedback in the following areas

  1. Customer Service
  2. Customer expectation vs perception
  3. Customer perceived value
  4. Customer experience vs ideal experience
  5. Overall satisfaction
  6. Customer satisfaction index (CSI)™

But you can ask questions on any customer experience area that you feel is appropriate

What do i recieve?

Each month you recive a pdf report on customers feedback and your CSI result.

What are the CSI categories

The Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) provides a 5 category index informing you whether your customers are likely to be recommending your  winery/brewery to others in the future.

CRUSADERS – Love your winery/brewery, Love the experience and act as ambassadors on your behalf.

WHITE KNIGHTS – Wasn’t a perfect experience but they had some highlights, not likely to sing all your praises but at least some of them

FREE SPIRITERS – Wasn’t bad but wasn’t good either, don’t expect them to come back soon or rush to tell anyone else anything about you.

BLACK KNIGHTS – Wasn’t the best experience, a number of things missed the mark or one aspect really let things down – no positive reviews expected but a few negative reviews likley

SABOTEURS – Had a bad experience  and unfortunately want to tell lots of others about it.

The Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)™ provides you with a starting point and an ongoing measure of how customers are experiencing your products and service. 


How much does it cost?

Pricing is based upon the number of questions and the number of completed surveys per month.


Consumer Insights (CI) pricing options