consumer profile

Cuspidor Taste™ helps you build a profile of your customers, including;

  1. Geographic location –
    It identifies where consumers live, providing you with very useful information for knowing which retail liquor shops should be stocking your products and reasons for the bottle shops & restaurants to be be stocking your products if they are not already.
    It can also help convince restaurants in that area that they should be stocking your products, as you can indicate what percentage of your customers reside there.
  2. Age –
    you can build market segments according  age groupings and wine/beer preferences.  This assists in developing advertising messaging. It also helps you to tailor events to your market segments.
  3. Gender –
    Knowing which gender likes which products can help you significantly when developing marketing material and promotional campaigns.
  4. Customers name –
    Having a customers name can be used as a primary key so you can link all POS and e-commerce to build a complete sales history for each customer.
  5. Favourite on the day-
    Consumers having to choose a favourite focuses their mind and forces them to choose, having made a choice it is more likely to remain in frontal cortex – their memory. Many customers cannot remember which they liked when faced with the multiples choices in a bottle shop, research has shown that forcing customers to make a choice means that they have more confidence that is something they liked and would like to buy again.

Cuspidor Taste™ assists you to build a consumer profile which can be invaluable in understanding and marketing and advertising to your customers.