Cuspidor CI

Cuspidor Consumer Insights (CI)™ is a consumer feedback & evaluation system.

Once its set up, all you have to do is encourage your customers to provide feedback by promoting your specific url. e.g.

It allows your customers a mechanism to offer feedback on their experience in a systematic and controlled way.

If you wish, it provides you an opportunity to devise customer feedback questions pertinent to your specific needs and your areas of focus.

It automatically gathers data on how your customers perceive their experience, how satisfied they were with that experience and how likely they are to return.

You receive a monthly PDF report on your customers and their levels of satisfaction.

The Cuspidor Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)™ provides you with a index score that can be monitored each month to see how your customers are viewing their experience. 

It surveys your customers quickly and easily, providing maximum feedback on your products and service.

Consumer Insights concentrates on the following key areas;

  • Customer expectation vs perception
  • Customer experience vs ideal experience
  • Affective and cognitive satisfaction
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Repeat purchase/visitation intention
  • Likelihood to recommend to friends



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