Cuspidor Café CI™

Do you deliver great customer service?

Is that last customer coming back?

Do you know for sure?

Are you consistently giving your customers a great experience?

Coffee shops and Café’s as a guide generally get repeat business from 70-80% of their customers, depending upon the customers experience.

Depending upon where your coffee shop is located, customers have a lot of choice and will often mix up their coffee shops depending upon what they are after and the last experience they had. Whether you remain part of the mix or get regulated to the ‘maybe next time’ group can depend upon what that experience is like.

Café owners know how important it is to keep customers, to give them a great experience, but what they don’t know, is whether the last customer who just left, will ever come back.

90% of customers vote with their feet, they often don’t want to complain to staff or don’t have an opportunity to express their dissatisfaction, they just never come back. Which over time becomes a bad week of sales and then a bad month and before your know it a downward spiral.

Well with Cuspidor Café CI, you could get a monthly monitor of how you are tracking and whether your positive ratings are going up or down.

Its simple to set up and requires only that you promote your  feedback page, so that dissatisfied customers have an opportunity to express their feelings without resorting to Facebook or Trip Advisor to share their negative experience.

And if they have a great experience and become your Crusaders you know that too with Cuspidor Consumer Satisfaction Index (CSI)™.

Cuspidor Consumer Satisfaction Index (CSI)™ is an index which categorises your customers according to their likely intention based upon their experience. This can range from the most positive of customers, who had a great time, these are your Crusaders and want to tell everyone about their experience to your Saboteurs who had a really negative experience and also want to tell everyone about it.

Knowing your customers likely intentions will assist in monitoring customer satisfaction and likely repeat business.


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