What is Cuspidor?

Cuspidor Taste™ is designed specifically for breweries and wineries. It is designed to enhance the customer experience and aid their memory as to which wines they loved.

Cuspidor Taste™  allows cellar door visitors to make their own tasting notes on their own phone or on your iPad/tablet. There is no app to download , its instant and its there ready and waiting for the customer to use. It the can be used in conjunction with a tasting paddle or when the brewery/winery is really busy and customers are not receiving the usual one-on-one service.

For the cellar door visitor, it’s simple, quick and easy to use.

Once the cellar door visitor has completed their tasting notes, they hit send and an email is set to them with the beers/wines they have tasted and their thoughts and rankings. They then receive a ‘Thank You page’  with a cellar door prompt.

The Cellar Door prompt

The’Thank You page’ prompts the cellar door visitor to ask about the specials or additional product offerings you currently have on offer, this is a completely customisable space for whatever message you wish. e.g.

        “Don’t forget to ask our about our 6 bottle special”


“Don’t forget to try our new range of beers”


Promo code incentive – straight to your online store*

When the visitor, later looks at their tasting notes email, there is a post visit promo code opportunity that links directly to your online store.

Typical messages could be ;

” enter ‘oneoff26’ to get your 26% DISCOUNT off your favourite wine”

you can add a time period to encourage them to act quickly;

“This discount is valid on purchases made in the next 7 days”

*if you currently don’t have an online store, we can set one up for you or get another winery to dispatch your wine on your behalf (additional charges apply).

Loved it or exceptional

Cellar door visitors rate the wines or beers they have tasted according to the following ratings;

‘not to my taste’

‘liked it’

‘loved it’


Their ratings are captured and consequently you know which wine/beer they thought were either  ‘exceptional’ or ‘loved it’.

These are their own ratings, so you know the wines/beers they rated highly and therefore can connect with them according to their own preference.

Because you know which visitors thought your wine or beer was either ‘exceptional’ or ‘loved it’, you have the opportunity to tailor special events to individual wines and invite individual customers.


“ You are invited to the launch of the new vintage of….”


They rate the product themselves so the trust factor is very high.


This is unlike anything else currently available to a drop-in cellar door visitor, you have their email address and other customer information and perhaps most importantly their true feelings about your wines/beers.


Demographic information

When the cellar door visitor completes the tasting, their name, age group, gender, postcode ( country and city, if outside Australia) is captured, coupled with their preferences and favourite of the day.

This can start to build a detailed customer profile for each of your wines /beers, making any future marketing more targeted and more effective.


Our Partner iwineHQ can help you build customer profiles, develop market segments  and devise marketing strategies to utilise this ever expanding customer base.


Newsletter or follow up email

At the beginning of each month, you will receive an email segment list of the visitors who RATED any of your wines “exceptional” or “loved it”, because the cellar door visitor rated the wine/beer themselves you know what they prefer and how to engage them.

Trying to get them to return to the winery or buy more of the wine that they thoroughly enjoyed, will be easy and hopefully much more successful in building a long term relationship and a loyal customer.

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