Cuspidor Taste

Cuspidor is a software development business working in the Beverage industry developing customised software.
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Introducing Cuspidor™

Cuspidor suite of products are designed to be flexible to meet your needs . Whether you want to capture customer details, product preferences or customer feedback, we have a suite of products for you.  Our innovative technological solutions provide customised products to meet your circumstances  and your needs.

  • Cuspidor Taste ™
  • Cuspidor Taste – Chinese version
  • Cuspidor Taste – French version
  • Cuspidor Cafe™
  • Cuspidor Consumer Index™(CI)
  • Cuspidor Consumer Satisfaction Index™ (CSI)

Cuspidor Taste™

Cuspidor is a new way for cellar door visitors to note their wine or beer preferences.

It allows them in real time, to make their own personal tasting notes.  At your cellar door, whatever the occasion, enjoying a tasting paddle or  a degustation dinner. It is there for them to make their own notes and record their own preferences.

All they need is their phone, tablet or online device, the winery/brewery webpage address and the wines or beers are already there listed for them to make their own notes on as they go along.

When they have finished making their tasting notes,  recording their preferences and choosing their favourite, they hit send and their notes and other info is emailed to them.

At the same time their information is captured, allowing you to offer cellar door visitors a later opportunity to buy more of the wines/beers they ranked highly or to later  invite them to new vintage launch or special events.

A cellar door visitor no longer needs to be a ‘lost without a trace , a great deal of time and effort is spent attracting visitors to cellar doors, that effort can now be rewarded with Cuspidor , you know who they are, which wines/beers they rated highly and a mechanism to get in touch and engage them about their favourite wines.

It’s as simple as that!


Plus, the wineries or breweries you visited may offer you special deals on their wines or beers. There is no obligation to buy, but the offer may be to good to resist.


More that just a tasting page:

Don’t let all that marketing effort to get someone to visit your cellar door be wasted!

Know what they loved, get in touch and offer them more


…you get to know your customers more:

Cuspidor records basic demographics that can help put together a profile of your customers.

As a new Cuspidor user, you have the opportunity to work with iwineHQ to develop an extensive profile of your wines and your customers.


Cuspidor Taste™

Chinese Version

Cuspidor is now available in Chinese


Cuspidor Taste™

French Version

Cuspidor is now available in French



Cuspidor Café™

Café owners in particular know how important it is to keep customers,  to give them a great experience, but what they don’t know is whether the last customer who just left will ever come back.

90% of customers vote with their feet, they often don’t want to complain to staff or don’t have an opportunity to express their dissatisfaction, they just never come back. Which over time becomes a bad week of sales and then a bad month and before your know it a downward spiral.

Well with Cuspidor Café CI, you could get a monthly monitor of how you are tracking and whether your positive ratings are going up or down.

Its simple to set up and requires only that you promote your  feedback page, so that dissatisfied customers have an opportunity to express their feelings without resorting to Facebook or Trip Advisor to share their negative experience.


Cuspidor Consumer Insights (CI)™

Cuspidor Consumer Insights (CI) is a consumer feedback evaluation system.

It allows you to devise customer feedback questions pertinent to your specific winery or brewery and your specific circumstances or business stage.

It also allows you to gather data on how your customers perceive their experience, how satisfied they were with the experience and how likely they are to return.

Additionally, Cuspidor Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) provides you with a index score that can be monitored each month to see how your customers are relaying their experience. 

It allows you to survey your customers quickly and easily , providing maximum feedback on your winery/brewery, products and service.

we focus questions on the following key areas;

  • Customer expectation vs perception
  • Customer experience vs ideal experience
  • Affective and cognitive satisfaction
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Repeat purchase/visitation intention
  • Likelihood to recommend to friends

Cuspidor Consumer Satisfaction Index (CSI)™

Cuspidor Customer Satisfaction index (CSI) allows you to simply monitor your monthly performance according to customer rankings.

It  provides you with an rating index score that can be monitored each month to see how your customers are relaying their current experience. 

The Cuspidor Customer Satisfaction index (CSI) provides an rating index placing you in one of five categories, informing you whether your customers are likely to be your CRUSADERS or SABOTEURS.


Cuspidor @Home™

Cuspidor @Home allows you to stay engaged with customers that you are not engaging within your normal channels. By providing a web page address to your customers, they can participate in their own tasting, allowing them to write their own tasting notes, their preferences and allowing you to gather valuable information about your @Home customers and their preferences.